Godness my I just saw the video of us dancing at contopia :/

Idk I just really failed but the others were good I think :3

(if u wanna watch here u go but it’s nothing special)

this is what I’ve done so far :3 Now I have to get myself ready for the flight ~

See u in 10 days!! ♥

added some details~

I won’t be able to post something as from tomorrow cause I’m going to fly to Turkey with a friend. 10 days without tumblr and u guys ;^; 

I just wanted to know how Hye Mi would look like if she’d live in DV

leaving town on a rainy day~

that water though (*^_^*)

boom, a lover for hye mi~~ n-n

boom, a lover for hye mi~~ n-n

Ugh I don’t like these shoes on him but it’s getting better~